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Comparison of referred pain from jaw muscles caused by mechanical and chemical stimulation (Aarhus)

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This study will beperformed as a randomized, double-blinded, controlled design. Participants willparticipate in 2 sessions at least 2 days apart. At both sessions, mechanicalsensitivity will be tested in the mid-portion of the masseter muscle with theuse of 4 different forces (before and after glutamate injection) and glutamate (either 1.0 M, 0.2 mL or0.25 M, 0.2mL) willbe injected into the mid-portion of the masseter muscle.


  • Over18 years old.
  • No ongoing orofacial pain or any other reportedchronic pain in last 6 months.
  • Noserious systemic diseases, received radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
  • No psychogenic illness, such as depression.
  • No chronic intake medication of pain killers orhistory of use of any type of analgesics in the last 24 hours previous to theexperiment.


The participants will receive financial compensation of DDK 150,-/h (intotal, DDK 300,- for participating in the study), which is reported to the taxauthorities.

  • Please refer to the e-mail those who participationhope, will send the detailed information.

*About Glutamate

L-glutamic acid isclassified as a nonessential amino acid. L-glutamic acid may help nerve cells send and receiveinformation from other cells. L-glutamic acid is used as a component ofparenteral and enteral nutrition. L-glutamic acid has the greatest demand ofany single amino acid, exceeding 1.5 million tons per year on a global basis. L-glutamicacid is manufactured by fermentation from carbohydrate sources. Carbohydratesare used as the raw material; no materials of animal origin are used in themanufacturing process. (Reference from: Ajinomoto. co)

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Gen Udagawa
Department of Dentistry and Oral Health Section of Orofacial Pain and Jaw Function Aarhus University
Vennelyst Boulevard 9
8000 Aarhus
Tlf: 87167400