Rhythm and visual attention (Kbh)

Du kan muligvis deltage i dette forsøg hvis du:
  • Er mellem 18 og 35 år gammel.
  • normal hearing (exclusion factors: tinnitus, hearing loss or hearing aids); you must have normal or corrected to normal vision (you may use glasses / lenses if needed). Payment requires the participant to have a Danish CPR

If you have any questions please contact chiron.oderkerk2

The experiment takes place on the 5th. floor at the Center for Visual Cogntion (CVC) Øster Farimagsgade 2A, 1353 København K.

You can apply for participation via the CVC's booking system,https://psykudk.sona-systems.com/exp_info.aspx?experiment_id=209 . Here you will be able to see availabe timeslots by clicking View Timeslots for the Rhythm and visual attention Study. 

Application requires you create a participant profile https://psykudk.sona-systems.com/student_new_user.aspx 

In compensation for participation in this experiment you as participant will receive a DKK 350 giftcard voucher (on which you must pay tax). The experimental sessions will take place at the Center for Visual Cognition at Øster Farimagsgade 2A on the 5th floor of the Department of Psychology building in experiment room 1. Testing will last take place over 2 one hour sessions with a break in between. In the experiment you will perform a computer-based letter recognition task in which you will hear a series of rhythmic tones (no more than 75 dB) after which you will be shown a letter, which you will be asked to report. Slight fatigue may occur while carrying out this type of computer-based test in a partially darkened room, though you are very welcome to take a break anytime you require. You must have headphones on throughout the study. By participating in the trial, you consent that your experimental data may be anonymously used for publication. It should be emphasised that the data of any participant cannot be identified. You may at any time withdraw from the trial which will not prevent you from participating in future experiments at the CVC.

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Chiron Oderkerk
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