Reaction and movement characteristics of people with temporary alcohol-related impairment


Would you like to participate in an experiment in the form of an evening game in which we examine how people who consumed alcohol in a party atmosphere react while performing different tasks? Responsible for the experiment is Associate Professor Anne S. Dederichs and Artur Storm from RISE and the master student Poulcheria Serafeim from the Technical University of Denmark.

The experiment will be conducted in one of DTU's buildings.

Before you decide whether to participate or not in the trial, you must fully understand what the trial is about and how we implement it. Therefore, we would ask you to read this participant information carefully. If you have an alcohol addiction, we ask you not to participate.

You will be invited to an interview/meeting prior to the experiment in which information about participants is asked and where you can ask questions about the trial.

If you decide to participate in the experiment, we will ask you to sign a consent form. Remember that it is completely voluntary to participate in the experiment, but the consent form must be signed before the experiment. You will be able to withdraw your participation at any time without giving any reason.


Purpose of the experiment

The experiment aims to gain a better knowledge of the reaction and movement characteristics of an alcohol-impaired population in the context of safety.



The experiment takes between 3 and 4.5 hours. Before starting the experiment, each participant will receive information about the experiment and a consent form, which they have to sign in order to participate. Those who agree to participate will inform of their weight in order to determine the quantity of alcohol that needs to be consumed so that a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05% is reached. After the alcoholic beverages are consumed each participant will be tested with a breath analysis for a more accurate value of the BAC. Additionally, the number of beverages each participant has consumed will be documented.


Why participate?

By participating in the trial, you will help create new and better knowledge in the area of the building safety of spaces where alcohol-related impaired people gather. Also, it can be to your benefit to see how your reactions are affected in the context of safety when you are under the influence of alcohol. Furthermore, your skills as a participant may improve in a matter of reaction time and decision and it can make you more aware of the negative aspects of alcohol consumption. Gathering the information about people intoxicated with alcohol it becomes possible to take account of this population group when future buildings will be designed for with respect to safety.

  • Free beer will be provided, and each participant can choose the number of beers that he/she wants to consume.
  • After the end of the exercises and the completion of the questionnaires, there will be a free pizza and snacks for everyone.
  • A gift card for 200 DKK more than 150 stores to choose from will be given to all the participants. Transportation costs will be covered / Transportation vehicles will be available from the arranged meeting point to DTU and the other way around in where needed.


Side effects, risk, complications and drawbacks

The experiment involves drinking several alcoholic beverages corresponding to a weekend night out with your friends (for example 3 beers). The known side effects are those related to alcohol consumption and a BAC level of 0.05. Some of these effects are a feeling of well-being, lowered inhibitions, and relaxation. Judgment is slightly impaired, minor impairment of reasoning and memory and less cautious. Your behaviour can become exaggerated, and emotions (ex. happiness or sadness) are field more intensely.

There might be other risks associated with the experiment which we don't know yet. Therefore, we ask you to report if you experience problems with your health.


Anonymity and data management

The experiment will be filmed. The videos will be used in the analysis of the results. Videos, consent forms and questionnaires will only be handled by the people who in one way or another participate in the analysis of the results. No personal data will be reported in connection with the presentation of the study results. Still images from the video material may appear in the presentation of the results, but will be presented in such a way that you as an individual cannot be identified. In the same way, individual survey responses can be reproduced in the form of quotations, but never in such a way that it can be linked back to you personally.


Rules of conduct

You must be completely sober before the start of the experiment. You may not be under the influence of drugs. You may not film or take pictures during the experiment. Participants can be excluded from the experiment, at any time, if their behaviour is considered inappropriate towards the other participants.


Access to test results

When the experiment is completed and the data is analysed you will receive information about the results. Experimental results may be published in relevant scientific journals. If you require information about this, please state it on the consent form.



If you are injured as a result of your participation in the trial, you will be entitled to receive compensation in accordance with the guidelines established by the applicable Danish Laws and Regulations.

For participation press here:  Registration

If you have questions before your registration regarding the study please feel free to contact Poulcheria Serafeim (, tel:50207638), Anne Dederichs (, Artur Storm (


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